Morrow Premises Liability Attorney

Morrow Premises Liability Attorney

When you head out to go about the business of your day, the last thing you expect is to be injured in the process. Some commercial property owners, however, don’t adequately fulfill their responsibility to maintain their premises in relatively safe condition for their guests, clients, customers, and other invited visitors, and dangerous accidents can be the result. If you’ve been so injured, don’t wait any longer to consult with an experienced Morrow premises liability lawyer.

The Commercial Property Owner’s Duty of Care

No commercial property owner or manager can possibly anticipate every danger that his or her customers or other guests might encounter during the course of their visit, but they are held to a legal duty of care, which includes the following specifics:

  • Commercial property owners owe their invitees this duty of care, which amounts to their customers, clients, visitors, shoppers, or anyone else who has an implied invitation to be there. As such, trespassers are generally excluded.
  • The commercial property owner must have known about the danger that caused you to be injured (or reasonably should have known about it).
  • The property owner is responsible for not only keeping the commercial property itself in reasonably safe condition but also is responsible for the approaches to that commercial property. These approaches include parking lots, walkways, stairs, and ramps.
  • Reasonably safe condition in this context means maintaining a level of safety that other reasonably prudent property owners maintain in similar situations.

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