Morrow Taxicab Accident Attorney

Morrow Taxicab Accident Attorney

Abdicating the responsibility of getting to your destination on time, fighting traffic, and even parking to the taxi driver behind the wheel is a true luxury. If a taxicab accident ensues, it’s a very different kind of situation, but a dedicated taxicab accident lawyer in Morrow can help.

Responsibility to Safety

When you get in a cab, you probably don’t give much thought to who’s responsible for your safety. In the end, this is a complicated issue that deserves some careful attention. All of the following apply:

  • The cab company is responsible for employing safe drivers who have the necessary experience and licensure, for maintaining a safe fleet of cabs, and for ensuring that its drivers adhere to the enhanced safety rules and regulations for commercial drivers (including hours-of-service restrictions).
  • The cab driver is obviously responsible for driving safely. These taxi drivers are commercial drivers who must adhere to a full array of safety guidelines. The job that taxi drivers perform requires them to pull in and out of traffic frequently, to maneuver through heavy traffic in consideration of their fares’ schedules, to track instructions from dispatch, and much more. A cab driver who is distracted, impaired, exhausted, or overly aggressive makes dangerous accidents that much more likely.
  • The cab manufacturer and parts makers are responsible for designing and building cabs that are roadworthy and safe to operate.

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