Truck Drivers and Impaired Driving

Truck Drivers and Impaired Driving

There is zero tolerance for impaired driving by truck operators. Their allowable blood alcohol content is even lower than that of passenger drivers. Truck driving is a rather solitary existence, and truckers are vulnerable to the same pressures that ordinary people face. Even if they do not drink behind the wheel, they may consume beforehand, placing everyone else on the road in danger.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Is Also Illegal

Even if truckers do not use alcohol, they may resort to measures to stay awake for long-haul trips. Many truckers drive at night to maximize the distance that they can travel before they have to take a mandatory rest. Some will use illegal drugs to stay awake. Driving under the influence of drugs is every bit as illegal as driving drunk.

Impaired driving does not just mean driving drunk or under the influence of drugs. Truck drivers live their lives on the road, and they are often unhealthy. They may need to take prescription medications that could take away from their alertness and driving ability. Even though this seems like no fault of the truck driver, they are responsible for their actions behind the wheel.

Your Case Needs an Accident Investigation

Toxicology and sobriety tests are important in proving that the driver was impaired. An accident investigation could yield proof that the truck driver was impaired. These results could show that the truck driver (and their employer) would be legally responsible for your injuries. Your attorney could subpoena key records that could show the driver’s history.

Call a Morrow Truck Accident Attorney

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