Norcross Burn Injury Attorney

Norcross Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are uniquely serious and painful injuries that can lead to life-threatening secondary conditions. If you or someone you love has suffered a burn injury because of someone else’s negligence, working closely with an experienced burn injury lawyer in Norcross can help you obtain the compensation you need to reach your fullest recovery.

Burn Injuries: Common Causes

People typically equate burn injuries with fires, but they can be caused by every manner of accident, including all of the following:

  • The heat and energy generated by the impact of traffic accidents, such as car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, bike, and pedestrian accidents can lead to fires, explosions, and serious burns.
  • Accidents on the job can lead to serious burns. This is especially true for construction workers, whose work commonly involves electricity.
  • Defective products can malfunction and overheat, emit steam, or catch on fire, causing burn injuries.

The Unique Risks of Burns

Burn injuries can damage the area beneath the burned skin, including the tendons, muscles, and bones underneath. Such injuries can lead to serious infections that might lead to sepsis. Further, as the burned area of the body heals, the flesh tightens and loses elasticity, which can leave the victim with a diminished range of motion and pain with movement in the affected area. Finally, a burn injury can cause disfigurement, which can be one of the most emotionally damaging consequences of all.

Don’t Put Off Consulting with an Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer in Norcross

Burn injuries can leave victims with substantial economic and non-economic losses, which is why the dedicated Norcross burn injury attorneys at Ben F. Windham, PC, are committed to fighting for your case’s most favorable outcome. We care about you and your case, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 833.236.9467 to schedule a free consultation today.