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Oglethorpe County, Georgia, the county seat of Lexington, Georgia is the largest county in Northeast Georgia with a population of 14,899 (as of 2010 census).  , Oglethorpe county was founded in 1795 and by the founder of Georgia himself, James Oglethorpe.  It is the largest tract of land surrendered by Creek and Cherokee Native Americans.

The city of Lexington, population 228, and approximately 0.5 square miles was incorporated in 1806. It is named after a town in Massachusetts, where the first battle of the Revolutionary war took place. It is also home to the Oglethorpe County Courthouse. 
Oglethorpe County belongs to the Northern Judicial Circuit. It also includes the following counties: Elbert CountyFranklin County, and Madison County. 
Superior Court Judges 
Juvenile Judge 
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