Peachtree City Taxicab Accident Attorney

Peachtree City Taxicab Accident Attorney

When you need a taxi, they offer a real convenience that allows you to bypass all the hassles of driving. Taxi drivers are professional drivers, and it’s nice to abdicate the many responsibilities of driving to them. Taxi drivers, however, are not immune from driver negligence, and as a result, taxicab accidents happen. If you are injured in a taxicab accident, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced taxicab accident lawyer in Peachtree City today.

Taxi Driver Negligence

Because taxi drivers are professional drivers, they face tighter restrictions that are predicated on safety, and because they are responsible for transporting their passengers safely to their destinations, taxi driver negligence is even more reprehensible. Such negligence can include:

  • Distraction – Taxi drivers make frequent stops, maneuver in and out of traffic, navigate to myriad locations, and much more (all while remaining in touch with dispatch and keeping up with pickups and drop-offs). It’s a lot, which means there is absolutely no room for distractions behind the wheel of a taxicab.
  • Impairment – Because taxi drivers are professional drivers, the law takes a very dim view of their impairment behind the wheel.
  • Speed – Excess speed not only makes taxi accidents more likely but also makes them more dangerous.
  • Exhaustion – Driving while drowsy is dangerous, and this is one important reason that professional drivers like taxi drivers face serious hours-or-service restrictions.

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