Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

You deserve exceptional legal representation from a qualified criminal defense attorney

Domestic violence is a serious allegation that can forever change the dynamic between family members, spouses, and children. Domestic violence encompasses a variety of issues including physical, emotional, and financial abuse, and can result in a myriad of consequences depending on the severity of the charge and the previous criminal history of the accused. When you are facing domestic violence charges in DeKalb, Forsynth, Fulton, Glynn, or Gwinnett County, you deserve exceptional legal representation from a qualified criminal defense attorney. Ben F. Windham, P.C. is that attorney and he is here to protect your rights.

Domestic violence is a complex area of the law, as there are many different actions and behaviors that can fall under its jurisdiction. Individuals can be accused of domestic violence for the use of physical violence, emotional or financial abuse, threatening actions (both verbal and nonverbal), harassment, and stalking. Many people do not realize the extent of their behavior and that it is actually considered domestic violence. This is why you need the experience and knowledge of an attorney on your side during your case.

Have you been accused of committing domestic violence? Reach out to Ben F. Windham, P.C. to schedule a free consultation today. He is here to advocate on your behalf and work towards a positive resolution in court.


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