Hit By Drunk Driver
Hit By Drunk Driver


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Hit By Drunk Driver

Call Ben F. Windham, P.C. to represent you if you have been injured a by a drunk driver

There are thousands of bars across Georgia. Hundreds in Macon, Savannah, Athens and Augusta and there are thousands in Atlanta. Practically every corner in every major Georgia city has either bars or restaurants serving alcohol. On Friday and Saturday nights they are packed out with friends enjoying a night on the town. Unfortunately, many of these people turn into a drunk driver.

MYTH: When all the patrons leave these bars they are all sober.

TRUTH: Most are buzzed and a good number of them are drunk.

You are crossing through a green light at Piedmont Road and Peachtree Street in Atlanta while returning from a late night ice cream run at the grocery store and BAM. An individual / jerk in his new model BMW is texting his latest hook up that he met at the bar in Buckhead that night and he runs the red light and T BONES you and your spouse’s car on the driver’s side. Oh, and he has had nine Grey Goose Vodka and Tonics. The driver of the BMW is hammered. Oh and he has had a prior DUI.

You and your wife are hurt badly. Your left leg is shattered and will require two surgeries and months of rehab. Sounds Simple doesn’t it. His Automobile Insurance Carrier, GEICO, ALLSTATE (ALLSNAKE), STATE FARM (SNAKE FARM), or LIBERTY MUTUAL will not contest this case and simply pay you for all of your medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering? WRONG.

All Automobile Insurance Carriers, many of which are listed above will fight you over the legitimacy of your treatment. They will actually try to tie in a minor arthroscopic knee procedure you had twenty years ago from high school football as the reason that the second surgery was needed. Oh, and they will pay a hired gun physician to review your medical bills and say it. All so they can save the cost of the second procedure that was necessitated by the wrongful actions of their drunk insured who ran a red light and smashed into you. There are ways to leverage Drinking and Driving or DUI Accident cases in your favor, despite aggressive tactics of Insurance Companies to defeat your claims. Call Ben F. Windham, P.C. to represent you if you have been injured a by a drunk driver in Georgia.


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