Locust Grove Boating Accident Attorney
Locust Grove Boating Accident Attorney


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Locust Grove Boating Accident Attorney

Let our team examine the facts of your particular case

Helping Injured Clients Move Forward after a Boating Accident

Many people love to take boats out on the many lakes and waterways throughout Georgia. Spending a day in the sun on the water can be relaxing and fun – until a boat accident turns your life upside down. While boating accidents are not as common as other motor vehicle crashes, when they do occur, they can be extremely serious.

If you or a loved one was injured in a boat crash, your priority should always be to get the medical attention you need to stabilize your injuries. Your next step should be to consult with a skilled boating accident lawyer in Locust Grove. Attorney Ben Windham handles legal claims arising from boat accidents, and he stands up for the right of his clients, so please call for free today.

How Boat Accidents Happen

Many boating excursions happen without incident, so why do some boats collide with other water vehicles, crash into the shore, or even capsize? The answer often involves negligence on the part of a boat operator. Some acts of negligence include:

  • Inexperienced boat operators
  • Drunk boat operators
  • Distracted boat operators
  • Driving a boat at excessive speeds
  • Not following right-of-way rules
  • Not following rules for skiers or water sports
  • Reckless boat operators

A boat day can involve many people, alcoholic beverages, loud music, and other factors that can cause distraction or intoxication. If a negligent boat operator caused you serious injuries and losses, our Locust Grove boating accident attorney can help hold that party liable for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Discuss Your Rights with a Boating Accident Lawyer in Locust Grove

Attorney Ben F. Windham PC handles a wide range of personal injury claims, including those stemming from dangerous boating accidents. If you would like a free case evaluation, please contact us online or call 833.236.9467 today.


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