Premises Liability
Premises Liability


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Premises Liability

A property owner may be liable for the injuries sustained to its invitees

You work hard putting yourself through school at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Money is tight so you stay in an apartment complex off Camp Creek Parkway because it is only $400.00 per month. It is clean but in a high crime area in Atlanta. You have complained to Management that there are loiters on property near your building every time that you come home from night class at Georgia State. The large national management company that owns the complex is based in Phoenix, Arizona and could really care less what is going on at the complex in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite your complaints, nothing changes. One night two weeks ago, a woman was sexually assaulted in the parking lot of the complex and no one was caught. Tonight, you are returning from your Financial Accounting class at Georgia State and one of the vagrants you have complained about follows you back to your apartment door. He shoves you inside your door and you are raped. This is an example of premises liability.

Apartment Complex injuries happen all over Georgia every week. You may be due compensation from an insurance carrier or property owner should you suffer an on-site accident such as a sexual assault, a burn injury or other injury at a place of business, place of employment, apartment complex or someone’s private residence. In Georgia, the owner of a property owes the people with which it does business a duty of due care for their safety. If a property owner disregards this duty they may be liable for the injuries sustained to its invitees.

Ben F. Windham, P.C. represents individuals injured by the negligence of others in cases of; negligent security, code violations resulting in an injury, sexual assault, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and failure of a property owner to exercise due care to others. Premises liability cases are not easy and call for real lawyers. Not One Call That’s All TV lawyers who never step foot in a court room or even file the lawsuit. Call or email today.


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