How a Product Liability Attorney Can Help

How a Product Liability Attorney Can Help

When consumer products are dangerously defective, they can put those who purchase them at considerable risk. As a consumer, you expect your purchases to live up to what they are advertised to do. If instead, a purchase leaves you or someone in your household injured, it puts you in a challenging position that is difficult to navigate. Fortunately, an experienced product liability attorney can help you with that.

The Categories of Negligence

Product liability law is based on product defects that can be broken down into three primary categories.

Defects in Design

Design defects mean that the product, though made as it was intended, is based on a flawed design. Though the product in question may do what it is intended to do, the defective design can render it too risky to use. In Georgia, you – as the injured party – have the burden of proving that the product’s design is defective.

Defects in Manufacturing

Sometimes, consumer goods are based on solid designs but are rendered defective during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing defects generally mean that only a small percentage of the total units is defective. Examples include:

  • Prescription medications that are contaminated during the manufacturing process
  • A joint replacement that is weakened during the substandard manufacturing process
  • An electronic good with incorrectly installed wires and/or circuitry

Defects in Marketing

When a product fails to include adequate instructions and/or necessary warnings, it amounts to a defect in marketing and can lead to dangerous accidents.

An Experienced Macon Product Liability Attorney Is on Your Side

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