Road Rage Can Cause Devastating Crashes

Road Rage Can Cause Devastating Crashes

Aggressive driving is dangerous enough, but when it escalates into road rage, it can cause life-changing or even deadly traffic accidents. Road rage can take many forms, but it is generally characterized by intentionally putting other drivers at risk of harm. This might include tailgating, running drivers off the road, or purposely hitting another vehicle.

One 20-year-old woman is now facing murder charges in Cobb County after she allegedly crashed into a stopped vehicle on purpose, resulting in the death of a 58-year-old man. Police report one vehicle was stopped at a red light, and the woman approaching intentionally did not stop, instead crashing into the back of the man’s 2002 Saturn. That driver died at the scene. This is only one example of how alleged road rage can tragically and permanently impact lives.

Protecting Your Rights after a Road Rage Crash

If a road raging driver caused you injuries in an accident, you have important legal rights. You can seek compensation to hold that driver liable for all of your medical bills and other losses. You need to show that the driver was engaging in negligence or intentional wrongdoing, and many types of evidence can demonstrate this. Some helpful evidence in road rage cases include:

  • Criminal convictions against the driver for road rage violations
  • Video from nearby surveillance cameras
  • Cell phone videos, as onlookers might start recording when they see a threatening driver
  • Witness statements

You want a lawyer who knows how to prove road rage in your case.

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