Rockdale County Lyft Accident Attorney

Rockdale County Lyft Accident Attorney

It isn’t easy to remember what we did before rideshare companies like Lyft sprang to life, and there is no indication that we will be letting go of the remarkable convenience anytime soon. Transporting other people is an immense responsibility, and Lyft accidents are often caused by Lyft drivers who fail to live up to this responsibility. If you’ve been injured in a Lyft accident, don’t hesitate to discuss your claim with an experienced Rockdale County Lyft accident lawyer today.

Lyft Accidents: Common Causes

Lyft drivers are not commercial drivers, and they don’t need anything other than a valid driver’s license to tackle the immense responsibility of what amounts to professional driving. This can translate to plenty of reasons for Lyft accidents. While no two Lyft accidents are ever exactly alike, the following two primary causes commonly apply:

  • Overextended Lyft Drivers – Lyft drivers only make money when they ferry passengers, and this can tempt some to work beyond the boundaries of safety. Many Lyft drivers work for multiple rideshare companies and simply toggle between apps behind the wheel (which can be dangerous in and of itself).
  • Otherwise-Negligent Lyft Drivers – Lyft drivers can succumb to common forms of dangerous driver negligence as easily as the next guy, and when they do, dangerous accidents are often the result. Such negligence includes distraction, exhaustion, impairment, excess speed, and aggression.

Lyft drivers have a lot on their plates in terms of interacting with their Lyft apps, navigating unfamiliar areas, finding passengers in their midst, and more, and this, too, can contribute to or cause Lyft accidents.

An Experienced Rockdale County Lyft Accident Lawyer Is on Your Side

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