Rockdale County Product Liability Claim Attorney

Rockdale County Product Liability Claim Attorney

We all turn to trusted products to help run our homes and to keep our lives moving forward. When these trusted products that we invest in, however, fail to live up to the necessary safety standards, they can lead to dangerous – even life-threatening – accidents. If a defective or otherwise dangerous product leaves you injured, do not wait to consult with an experienced Rockdale County product liability lawyer.

Your Purchase

When you plunk down your hard-earned money on a consumer product – regardless of what it is – you expect the company that made it to have done its homework and to have put in the effort to help ensure that it is safe for you to use. Product liability claims typically fall into the following categories:

  • Some product liability claims involve consumer products that have flaws in their designs, to begin with. An example is a bookshelf whose design leaves it at increased risk of falling over.
  • Some product liability claims involve consumer goods that are flawed in the manufacturing process itself. If, for example, that bookshelf was not assembled correctly during the manufacturing process or if it was manufactured with damaged parts, it would likely fit in this category.
  • Some product liability claims involve consumer goods that incorporate an inherent danger for which the manufacturer owes consumers appropriate warning and/or instructions. If that bookshelf has a weight limit, for example, the manufacturer is responsible for informing purchasers about this safety concern.

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