Rockdale County Truck Accident Attorney

Rockdale County Truck Accident Attorney

If you do much driving, you are used to sharing the road with massive semi-trucks that seem to be multiplying before our very eyes. These immense machines move the consumer goods we clamor for from place to place and help to keep our economy solid, but they are also involved in some of the deadliest and most terrifying accidents on our highways and byways. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a truck accident, consult with an experienced Rockdale County truck accident lawyer today.

Truck Drivers

When it comes to truck accidents, truck drivers are the first line of defense, and because they are professional drivers, they are required to have the skill, experience, and commercial driver’s license necessary to navigate an 18-wheeler safely through traffic – while adhering to more exacting rules, regulations, and restrictions. Unfortunately, truck driver negligence is often at the root of dangerous truck accidents.

Trucking Companies

Fault for truck accidents does not begin and end with truck drivers. The trucking companies themselves face considerable responsibilities, including:

  • Hiring safe, experienced truckers
  • Hiring skilled, experienced truck mechanics
  • Maintaining a safe fleet of rigs
  • Establishing and enforcing regular safety checks
  • Adhering to all hours-of-service restrictions for their drivers

When a trucking company fails to live up to its responsibilities, it can contribute to or even directly cause life-threatening truck accidents on our roads.

Seek the Professional Legal Counsel of a Dedicated Rockdale County Truck Accident Lawyer Today

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