Safety Resolutions for 2020

Safety Resolutions for 2020

As the New Year approaches, many people are making their annual resolutions. Resolutions often involve losing weight, eating healthy, volunteering more, or getting control of your finances. However, you might want to consider making optimal safety a goal for 2020 for yourself and your household. The following are only some suggestions for safety resolutions this New Year.

In Your Home

You might not realize that there are serious injury risks throughout your home. The good news is that most of these are easily addressed to make your house a safe place to live. Some safety tips include:

  • Check all of your wires and plugs to ensure they are not frayed or worn
  • Check consumer recalls for any products you might have inside your home that need to be replaced or thrown out
  • Make sure all toxic cleaners and chemicals are safely labeled and stored
  • Ensure you have adequate outdoor lighting and that your locks work properly
  • Have a first aid kit ready, as well as emergency numbers in the event of an accident
  • Check all railings to make sure they are sturdy

On the Road

Safety concerns do not end when you leave your house, as many accidents happen on the road. Always order a thorough inspection of your family vehicles to prevent dangerous malfunctions such as tire blowouts. Review bicycle and pedestrian safety with your children, especially if they walk or ride to school or regularly play outside. Make sure all bicycles are working and that everyone has helmets that fit properly and are not cracked.

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