Should You Accept a Settlement from a Trucking Insurance Company?

Should You Accept a Settlement from a Trucking Insurance Company?


At some point in your truck accident claims process, the trucking company may make a settlement offer. You would certainly need to consider it. However, accepting a settlement offer is not always in your best interests. The key question is whether the trucking company has offered enough money to fairly compensate you for your injuries. This requires the knowledge of an attorney who understands what your claim is worth.

Know that you are not obligated to accept anything. In fact, a jury would have the final say over how much you could recover in your case. Nonetheless, most people will accept settlements as a way to get their money quickly without the risk of getting nothing if a jury rules against them. Regardless, the insurance company is not going to make it easy for you to get the money that you deserve.

You Do Not Have to Take What You Are Offered

Remember that you always have the ability to negotiate with a trucking company. You are free to reject their settlement offer if they are not paying you enough. You can always write a demand letter with your own counteroffer. Usually, claimants and the insurance company will exchange multiple rounds of offers and counteroffers before they agree on a final number. This process will take many months to resolve. At any point in the process, you have the ability to go to court and file a lawsuit. The important thing is to have an attorney who knows how the insurance company operates and how to negotiate with them.

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