Who is Responsible for a Rideshare Accident?

Who is Responsible for a Rideshare Accident?

The rideshare industry has turned some of the traditional rules of accident liability on its head. In a taxi accident, you are able to sue the taxi company for the actions of the driver. This is not the case in a rideshare accident. This is exactly the way that rideshare companies have engineered the situation for their own financial benefit.

Rideshare companies categorize their drivers as independent contractors. Even though companies like Uber and Lyft take a cut from the driver’s fare, they get to have their cake and eat it too by disclaiming liability for what the driver does. When someone is an independent contractor, it severs the usual principal/agent relationship that would ordinarily allow you to sue a company.

There Is Still a Large Insurance Policy in Place

This is not to say that you get nothing when you are injured in a rideshare accident. The companies have a corporate policy that insures drivers when they are in the car and using the app. The coverage reaches $1 million per accident when the driver is either on the way to pick up a passenger or has one in the car. You can still file a claim, but it would be against the insurance policy as opposed to Uber or Lyft. There are very limited circumstances in which you could sue a rideshare company.

Even though the insurance policy is in place, do not expect the insurance company to be any easier to deal with than usual. Insuring rideshare companies is big business, and they want to keep as much of the premiums for themselves as they can. You will need a lawyer to fight on your behalf as you seek to get paid for the negligence of a rideshare driver.

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