Stockbridge Boating Accident Attorney

Stockbridge Boating Accident Attorney

Many people head out on boats to relax and enjoy nature and the weather. Unfortunately, however, boating accidents can happen when you least expect them. Because these accidents happen on the water, there is the additional – and very real concern – of drowning involved. Boating accidents often cause serious injuries, and obtaining the professional legal counsel of an experienced boating accident lawyer in Stockbridge is well-advised.

The Boat’s Driver

While boats tend to be associated with fun times, the person manning the vessel must remain hypervigilant and focused on safety. Boating involves a unique set of dangers that require skippers to not only maneuver their boats safely but also to be on the lookout for other boats in their midst and for any obstacles in the water ahead. When a boat’s operator allows the boat’s party atmosphere to interfere with his or her driving, it can lead to disaster.

The Unique Dangers of Boating

When you’re on a boat, your safety is generally predicated on how seriously the people manning the boats in the water (including the boat you’re on) take their responsibilities, and you are vulnerable to all of the following unique dangers:

  • Boats don’t have the same safety restraints that cars do (including seatbelts and airbags).
  • Boats don’t have the protective shell that other vehicles do, which leaves you more vulnerable to the impact of an accident.
  • The waterways that boats travel on are not restricted in the ways our roadways are, which makes them far less predictable.

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