Stockbridge Bus Accident Attorney

Stockbridge Bus Accident Attorney

Leaving the driving – and all the headaches that come with it – to a professional bus driver is a great way to go. However, bus accidents happen, and they tend to be extremely dangerous. If someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured in a bus accident, you need the skilled legal counsel of an experienced Stockbridge bus accident attorney in your corner.

Your Bus Driver

The bus driver who gets you where you need to be is a professional driver, which means that he or she has enhanced training and experience – in addition to being held to stricter legal rules, regulations, and restrictions. Bus drivers have difficult jobs that include considerable responsibility to the safety of others. Additionally, the driving they do involves higher risk maneuvers, including:

  • Making frequent stops and starts
  • Pulling in and out of traffic
  • Driving in highly trafficked areas
  • Requiring longer stopping distances
  • Experiencing considerable blind spots along all four sides of their buses
  • Making wide right turns
  • Spending long hours behind the wheel

Bus drivers shoulder immense responsibility, and failure to live up to this responsibility is often the impetus behind dangerous bus accidents. Bus drivers are susceptible to the same forms of negligence that other drivers are, including:

  • Driving distracted
  • Speeding
  • Drowsy driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Driving aggressively

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