Stockbridge Bus Crash Attorney

Stockbridge Bus Crash Attorney

Buses help us get where we need – and want – to be, but bus accidents can be especially deadly. Buses are immense vehicles that transport large numbers of people, and when they’re involved in accidents, the risk of injuring multiple victims is very real. If someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured in a bus crash, seek the justice to which you’re entitled by consulting with the right bus accident lawyer in Stockbridge today.

Bus Accidents and Negligence

When it comes to bus accidents, negligence is often the cause, and such negligence can take many forms, including:

  • The bus company is responsible for maintaining a safe fleet of buses, hiring safe, experienced bus drivers, implementing and enforcing robust safety protocols, and much more. Failure to do so can be deadly.
  • The bus driver is a professional driver who must adhere to strict safety rules and regulations, must maneuver his or her rig safely through traffic, must eschew all forms of driver negligence (excess speed, distraction, aggression, impairment, and exhaustion), must make safe choices behind the wheel (that accommodate for the condition of the road and the effects of bad weather), and more.
  • The bus manufacturer is responsible for providing buses that are roadworthy, are based on sound design plans, and that are manufactured without dangerous flaws. Negligence on the part of the manufacturer increases the risk of dangerous bus accidents.

Bus accidents have the potential to leave many victims seriously injured and are among the most dangerous traffic accidents.

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