Stockbridge Paralysis Attorney

Stockbridge Paralysis Attorney

When an injury leads to paralysis, it can alter the course of your life in an instant. Paralysis is a permanent injury that leaves the victim with a limited ability – or no ability – to control the movement in the affected area of the body. Paralysis is usually caused by an injury to the spinal cord that is often the result of an accident that involves immense impact, such as traffic accidents and slip and fall accidents. If someone else’s negligence leaves you paralyzed, the best path forward is with the professional legal guidance of an experienced paralysis lawyer in Stockbridge.

Paralysis and Its Consequences

Paralysis results in the loss of feeling and movement in part of your body. It can have profound consequences for victims, including:

  • Physical Consequences – The physical consequences of paralysis are not only immense but are also permanent. Paralysis can make it impossible to conduct everyday tasks and may render victims dependent on others for their basic needs.
  • Financial Consequences – Not only does an accident that ends in paralysis typically require extensive immediate medical attention but also tends to require ongoing care that extends far into the victim’s future. Further, paralysis can lead to a significant reduction in one’s earning capacity – if the victim can return to work at all.
  • Emotional Consequences – The emotional pain and suffering associated with paralysis are not difficult to imagine. A victim’s life plans and dreams can all be cut short in the blink of an eye – as a result of someone else’s negligence.

All told, the negative consequences brought on by paralysis are difficult to overstate.

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