Stockbridge Premises Liability Attorney

Stockbridge Premises Liability Attorney

When you visit commercial enterprises, such as grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, businesses, and the like, you naturally expect to be safe doing so. Unfortunately, not every business is as scrupulous as it should be when it comes to maintaining its premises in the reasonably safe condition necessary to protect the safety of invited guests like you. If a business owner’s negligence leaves you injured, discuss your claim with an experienced Stockbridge premises liability attorney today.

The Basic Elements of Premises Liability Claims in Georgia

The basic elements of premises liability claims include the following:

  • The business owed you a duty of care to begin with, and commercial property owners do owe their invited guests, such as customers and visitors, a duty of care that includes reasonably maintaining their premises. Reasonable here means the level of care that other property owners tend to employ in similar situations.
  • The business breached the duty of care owed to you by failing to maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition.
  • This failure on the part of the business led to the accident that caused you to be injured.
  • You suffered losses that amount to legal damages – such as medical expenses, lost earnings, and physical and emotional pain and suffering – as a result.

Slip and falls are an exceptionally common and exceptionally dangerous form of premises liability claim.

You Need an Experienced Stockbridge Premises Liability Attorney on Your Side

The trusted Stockbridge premises liability attorneys at the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC, in Henry County have impressive experience helping clients like you recover for their complete range of losses, and our dedication makes a difference. We’re on your side and here to help, so please don’t wait to schedule your free consultation by contacting or calling us at 833.236.9467 today.