Stockbridge Product Liability Attorney

Stockbridge Product Liability Attorney

You make purchases with the intention of benefitting yourself and your family – and with the confidence that comes from knowing the company selling you the product adheres to the necessary health and safety protocols. When a company fails to uphold this responsibility, you and your family can suffer significant damages, and you need a practiced product liability lawyer in Stockbridge on your side.

The Elements of Your Product Liability Claim

If you’ve been harmed by a dangerously designed and/or manufactured product – whatever that product may be – there are several elements that must be present in order for your claim to prevail. These include:

  • The product that left you or your family member injured was in basically the same condition it was in when it left the manufacturer (it wasn’t dangerously worn, for example).
  • The product that left you or your family member injured was defective in some way.
  • The product’s defect was responsible for the damages you or your family member sustained.
  • At the time that you or your family member was injured, the product was being used in a manner for which it was intended (or in a manner that was reasonably foreseeable to the manufacturer).

Product liability cases are often complicated, but obtaining the compensation you need to reach your fullest recovery is too important not to bring your most solid claim.

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