Stockbridge Taxicab Accident Attorney

Stockbridge Taxicab Accident Attorney

When you are traveling by air, taxicabs are undeniably convenient. If you’re injured in a taxicab accident, however, you can expect the claims process to be quite complicated. In order to obtain the compensation necessary to reach your most complete recovery, you need an experienced taxicab accident lawyer in Stockbridge in your corner.

The Taxicab Driver

Taxicab drivers are professional drivers who ferry people from place to place for a living. Because they are professional drivers, they are guided by strict safety rules, regulations, and restrictions that include hours-of-service guidelines. When taxi drivers fail to perform within the laws established for them, dangerous taxicab accidents are often the result.

Taxicab Driver Negligence

Taxicab drivers are not immune from engaging in dangerous forms of driver negligence, and such negligence is often the cause of taxi accidents. Consider the following:

  • Taxi drivers who get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are exceptionally dangerous, and the law has zero tolerance for this form of negligence.
  • Taxi drivers who speed excessively are far more likely to cause accidents, and those accidents are far more likely to be fatal.
  • Taxi drivers who are distracted by anything other than following the rules of the road and driving safely are often the cause of dangerous taxicab accidents.
  • Taxi drivers can be stretched beyond the bounds of safe driving, and when they continue to drive past the point of exhaustion, they become that much more likely to cause dangerous accidents.

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