The Risks of Commercial Trucks on the Highway

The Risks of Commercial Trucks on the Highway

Commercial trucks are a vital part of the economy, as they transport a wide range of goods and materials where they need to be across the United States. This means that drivers of smaller passenger vehicles are constantly sharing the highways with semi-trucks and other tractor-trailers. These trucks serve an important purpose, though they also pose certain risks to other motorists.

Size and Weight

The most obvious risk of large commercial vehicles is the sheer size and weight of trucks compared with smaller vehicles. Semi-trucks can be 14 feet tall and close to 80 feet long with the trailer attached. They can also weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. When you consider that the Ford Expedition – one of the largest consumer vehicles available, is just over 6 feet tall and 17 feet long, weighing about 5,600 pounds. Commercial trucks dwarf even the largest SUVs, and they can cause devastating damage in a collision with a smaller vehicle.

Fatigued Drivers

We can all get tired after being on the road for a long time, as it can become monotonous. Truck drivers are on the highway for a living and, even if they are within their restricted hours of service, they can easily become fatigued.

Cargo Spills

A truck’s purpose is to haul cargo, and cargo is not always properly secured. Cargo might fall off of an open-bed truck, or it may spill if a truck crashes. This can cause many additional accidents and injuries, especially if the cargo was particularly heavy or involved toxic or flammable chemicals.

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