The Risks of Drowsy Truck Drivers

The Risks of Drowsy Truck Drivers

Did you know that one in every 25 drivers has admitted to falling asleep behind the steering wheel? Unfortunately, a sleeping or drowsy truck driver can’t properly focus on the road, and they might lose complete control of their vehicle. What are the consequences? Often, costly and avoidable accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Any injured survivors or families of tragically lost victims should seek the help of Atlanta truck accident attorneys as soon as possible.

But how dangerous is drowsy driving, and what causes truck drivers in Georgia and other parts of the country to engage in such risky behavior? Read on to learn more.

Dangers of Drowsy Truck Drivers in Georgia

A drowsy truck driver is a dangerous truck driver, as drowsy drivers cause tens of thousands of accidents and injuries each year. Commercial truck drivers are more susceptible to drowsy driving because they’re more exposed to fatigue on a regular basis than other drivers. Their long hours on the road can negatively affect their core driving functions like vision, accurate judgment, coordination, and reaction time.

Such drivers might not notice obstacles or traffic soon enough to stop, might depart from their lanes, or might even collide with oncoming vehicles if they fall asleep while driving.

Factors Increasing Drowsy Truck Driving

The following are some common factors that increase drowsy driving among commercial truck drivers in Georgia:

  • Illnesses or health conditions that cause fatigue, such as sleep apnea
  • Medications that disrupt a driver’s sleeping patterns
  • The use of alcohol and other stimulating drugs
  • Working overnight or irregular shifts
  • Exceeding hours of service restrictions

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