The Risks of Speeding Trucks

The Risks of Speeding Trucks

Even under the best of circumstances, the truck driver needs a lot of lead time to bring their truck to a full stop. It is far more difficult when the driver is speeding. These trucks can rear-end cars in front of them when the driver cannot stop in time. Truck rear-end crashes have a far greater likelihood of causing serious injury than accidents between two passenger cars.

Truck drivers may also lose control of their trucks when they speed. Experienced truck drivers often have difficulty controlling the truck at a normal speed due to the weight of the truck. The vehicle may jackknife or roll over when the driver speeds.

Speeding Makes Truck Crashes Far Worse

When truck drivers are speeding, the impact and effect of the crash will be far worse. These vehicles already outweigh cars by nearly 30 times. The faster the speed of the truck, the more severe the injuries will be to other motorists and their passengers. Speed is also a factor that is present along with other factors, such as impaired or distracted driving.

Speeding does not just mean traveling over the speed limit. Truck drivers must adjust their speed for the road conditions. For example, they need to slow down in the rain because they would require increased braking time. There is also a cap on how fast they can safely drive in Atlanta’s heavy traffic. Truck drivers should also slow down when they are carrying a heavy load or on entrance and exit ramps.

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