Truck Drivers Might be Intoxicated

Truck Drivers Might be Intoxicated

Generally speaking, most people would not be intoxicated while they are working. Commercial truck drivers are on the job while behind the wheel, so you would not expect them to be using drugs or alcohol that would impair their driving abilities. Despite strict laws prohibiting impaired driving for truck operators, some truck drivers might be intoxicated on the road and cause serious crashes.

Substance Abuse and the Trucking Industry

Research has indicated that substance abuse is a common problem in the trucking industry. Truck drivers are alone in their trucks for long hours, and isolation can lead to boredom and mental or emotional disorders. Many truck drivers choose to self-medicate with alcohol, marijuana, or similar substances that will impair their driving ability.

In addition, fatigued driving is a major concern for truck drivers, though many drivers would rather finish a shift without having to pull over and rest. For this reason, many drivers use stimulants to stay awake. While energy drinks and coffee are common, some truck drivers escalate to using illegal stimulants. Cocaine and amphetamines might make a driver seem more alert and awake when, in reality, these substances cause serious impairment.

What if an Intoxicated Truck Driver Hits You?

After a crash, intoxicated drivers should be arrested. While the truck driver might face criminal charges and the loss of their commercial license, this does not help you recover for your injuries and losses. You will need to bring an insurance claim seeking compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses against the liable parties.

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