Truckers Might Drive Too Fast in Adverse Weather

Truckers Might Drive Too Fast in Adverse Weather

The injuries that result from accidents between large trucks and passenger vehicles lead to significantly greater injuries and fatalities to the occupants of the passenger vehicle as opposed to the truck. When you or a loved one has been in an accident with a large truck, the damage to your vehicle and your person can take some time to recover from, if you fully recover at all.

Given the size, weight, and operating height of large trucks, truck drivers have a responsibility to drive carefully, especially during adverse weather conditions. When they do not, and you suffer injuries, an Atlanta truck accident lawyer from Ben F. Windham, P.C. can help with your case and protect your rights.

Adverse Weather Conditions Increase the Likelihood of Truck Accidents

When the weather turns into rain, fog, or even ice or snow, the potential of getting into an accident increases for all drivers on the road. For truck drivers, there are a variety of reasons why they are more likely to get into accidents.

The increased size and weight of trucks make it harder to stop in a short distance, causing many accidents. Adverse weather conditions also can slow the rate of traffic, and commercial truck drivers are often on a schedule and are trying to finish their shifts on time to finish up with work and get home before the conditions worsen. This can lead to faster driving, which can make everything more dangerous. Commercial drivers often have a false sense of security because they are driving heavy vehicles, though they can also lose traction or control in adverse weather conditions.

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