Trucking Company Negligence

Trucking Company Negligence

Anything that a truck driver does is considered an act of the trucking company itself when it comes to a lawsuit. This is because the driver is an agent of the company. Any action of an employee is as if the trucking company themselves did it. When it happens, the trucking company can be made to pay for it.

You will hear a lot about the “duty of care” that the trucking company owes to drivers on the road. This means that its drivers have to act reasonably under the circumstances compared to what the average truck driver would have done. Presumably, this would include not doing things such as:

  • Speeding
  • Fatigued driving
  • Driving distracted
  • Illegal turns

Suing the Trucking Company for Negligence

In addition, the trucking company itself could also be held accountable for its own actions that led to an accident. For example, the company has a legal obligation to properly maintain its trucks before they go out on the road. They also have a duty to exercise care when hiring and training drivers. If they are found to have breached this duty, they will need to pay for your injuries.

Establishing negligence all depends on the facts and circumstances of a situation. An attorney would fully investigate the accident and gather evidence to prove that the trucking company or its driver acted unreasonably.

Being able to sue a trucking company helps injured plaintiffs because they have access to what is likely a larger insurance policy to pay a claim. If the policy is not enough to cover the damages, you could also access corporate assets to help pay the judgment.

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