Types of Personal Injury Claims in Morrow

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Morrow

Accidental injuries happen in a wide variety of ways, and they can result in costly medical bills and other losses. The type of accident that caused your injuries can impact your resulting insurance or legal claim and the issues that arise. You want the help of a Morrow personal injury lawyer who has handled a range of cases and can take on your type of claim.

Vehicle Accidents

One of the top causes of accidental injuries is vehicle accidents. Many types of vehicles can crash, which can result in serious injuries to anyone involved. Some claims our firm handles arise from:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • RV and Motorhome Accidents
  • Rental Car Accidents
  • Taxi Cab Accidents
  • Uber Accidents
  • Lyft Accidents

All of these can result in severe injuries and can disrupt your life physically, emotionally, and financially. While negligent vehicle operators are often to blame, other parties can be liable, as well.

Other Types of Liability

While vehicle accidents make up a significant portion of personal injury claims, there are many other ways that people can suffer injuries due to negligence or misconduct of others. These include:

  • Nursing home abuse or neglect
  • Premises liability, including slip and falls, swimming pool accidents, and more
  • Products liability caused by defective or unreasonably dangerous products, as well as a failure to warn consumers of product risks

Morrow Personal Injury Lawyers Here to Help You

The legal team of Ben F. Windham, PC, is dedicated to standing up for the rights of clients injured in many different ways. The insurance claim process can be challenging, and you should be focused on recovering from your injuries. Contact us online or call 833.236.9467 to learn about how our Morrow personal injury attorneys can help protect your rights.