Walton County Taxi Accident Attorney

Walton County Taxi Accident Attorney

There are few things that are more convenient than grabbing a cab and leaving the driving to a professional taxi driver. If you’re injured by someone else’s negligence in a taxi accident, however, you likely face a very difficult path forward toward recovery. Fortunately, an experienced Walton County taxi accident attorney can help.

The Taxi Company

The taxi company bears considerable responsibility when it comes to taxi accidents. Consider the following:

  • The taxi company is responsible for maintaining its fleet of cabs in safe working order.
  • The taxi company is responsible for hiring safe, experienced, and appropriately licensed taxi drivers.
  • The taxi company is responsible for not overworking its drivers (past the point of exhaustion or beyond the hours-of-service restrictions)
  • The Taxi company is responsible for hiring experienced mechanics for their fleet of cabs and for providing them with the quality parts they need to make safe repairs

The Taxi Driver

Negligence on the part of the taxi driver often plays a primary role in taxi accidents, and such negligence can take all of the following forms:

  • Distraction by anything other than driving safely
  • Impairment by alcohol and/or drugs
  • Aggression behind the wheel
  • Exhaustion
  • Excess speed

Taxi drivers are professional drivers who are held to higher safety standards, and any form of negligence on their part can prove exceptionally dangerous.

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