Warner Robins Burn Injury Attorney

Warner Robins Burn Injury Attorney

Being burned in an accident that produces immense heat and/or fire is a terrifying experience that is also exceptionally painful and serious. Traffic accidents that are caused by negligent motorists are a frequent cause of serious burn injuries. If someone else’s negligence leaves you with a burn injury, working closely with an experienced Warner Robins burn accident attorney is well-advised.

Your Treatment

Burn injuries are among the most painful injuries an accident victim can endure, and these injuries are very closely associated with the need for ongoing treatment and care. Serious burns leave your skin and underlying layers highly vulnerable to life-threatening infections that require careful medical attention. Further, burns often lead to secondary health concerns as they heal and the injured area begins to shrink and thicken. When a burn is on or near the face, it can require a series of plastic surgeries, which may not alter the fact of permanent disfigurement.

Your Damages

The damages associated with a serious burn are often immense and can include:

  • Extensive medical costs that begin with emergency care and move on to surgeries, hospitalizations, prescription medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation, other forms of ongoing care, and beyond
  • Lost wages that can extend to a decrease in your earning potential into the future
  • The immense physical and emotional pain and suffering associated with enduring a serious burn

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