What Makes Truck Drivers So Tired?

What Makes Truck Drivers So Tired?

Despite federal regulations that are intended to prevent long stretches behind the wheel, truck drivers often end up fatigued. This puts others in danger. The trucking industry lends itself to tired drivers due to the pressures that they face.

Driving a truck requires a high degree of alertness. After all, truck drivers are trying to control a very large vehicle under difficult conditions. They can only keep this up for so long. The longer they are at the wheel, the more tired they become. Sitting in the same space for a prolonged period of time and trying to concentrate will wear a driver down after some time.

Truck Drivers Drive at Different Hours

In addition, many truck drivers are on the road at night because that is when they can do the most driving with the least traffic on the road. Their body rhythms may be unable to handle night driving, and they will often be fighting the urge to fall asleep. They can only stay awake for so long before their reflexes slow. All it takes is a few seconds of lack of concentration to lose control of the massive truck.

Finally, many truck drivers do not have the healthiest habits or lifestyles. The industry does not lend itself to drivers staying in shape. They may be on medications for health conditions that could make them tired. Drivers who are not in peak physical condition may be less alert.

Fatigued driving can be every bit as dangerous as drunk driving. Going without sleep for an extended period of time can affect the driver the same as drinking.

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