Will Your Injury Claim be Delayed Due to COVID-19?

Will Your Injury Claim be Delayed Due to COVID-19?

If you were injured by another person or party, you might have filed an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation for your losses. As the medical bills pile up and you lose income from missing work, you might be impatient to get your claim resolved and receive your settlement check. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak taking over seemingly everything, what will happen to your injury claim? Will it be delayed?

While many businesses have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, other businesses have kept operating if they are deemed essential or can use teleworking. Fortunately, many insurance companies have employees working from home to continue handling claims. It is important to have an experienced attorney communicating with adjusters to ensure your claim stays on the right track. Documents and evidence can be sent through paperless methods to satisfy requests of adjusters, and your attorney can always communicate and negotiate your settlement offer over the phone.

If you have a lawsuit pending, it is easy to be concerned as the courts have closed to non-emergency proceedings. However, most personal injury cases are handled almost completely out-of-court. Your attorney can file complaints and motions through e-filing, and paperless discovery can happen between the parties. Witness interviews can be conducted via videoconferencing if needed. Settlement negotiations can also happen remotely, and your claim might even be resolved during this confusing time.

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