Winder Taxicab Accident Attorney

Winder Taxicab Accident Attorney

When you’re out of town and need a ride, nothing beats hailing a taxi and leaving the driving to a professional. However, taxicab accidents can be complicated matters that require the sophisticated legal counsel of an experienced taxicab accident lawyer in Winder.

Taxicab Accidents and Liability

If you’ve been injured in a taxi accident, pinpointing where the liability lies can be complicated. Consider the following:

  • Traffic accidents are often caused by driver negligence, and this is no different for taxicab accidents. Taxi drivers are professional drivers who are held to more careful rules, regulations, and restrictions related to safety. When a taxi driver is impaired, exhausted, distracted, or aggressive, it can easily lead to a dangerous accident.
  • The taxicab company is responsible for maintaining a safe fleet of cabs, hiring experienced drivers, employing well-qualified mechanics, implementing well-regulated safety standards, and much more. When a taxi company fails to uphold these responsibilities, it can directly cause or exacerbate serious taxicab accidents.
  • The manufacturer of the taxicab itself is responsible for manufacturing safe vehicles that are based on safe designs and that incorporate safely working parts. A taxicab that is faultily constructed can be deadly.

When it comes to taxicab accidents, there is often plenty of liability to go around. Still, they can also be complicated because the taxicab company is likely to jump into action with legal counsel at the ready – in an attempt to discredit and/or minimize your claim.

Work Closely with an Experienced Taxicab Accident Lawyer in Winder

If a taxicab accident leaves you injured, the formidable Winder taxicab accident attorneys at the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC, are standing by to help. Taxicab accident claims are often complicated, but our dedicated legal team is well versed in the nuanced legalities of these cases. It is committed to aggressively advocating for the compensation to which you are entitled. We care about your case, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call at 833.236.9467 to schedule a free consultation today.